Judaline Cassidy


Judaline Cassidy was born in the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. A multicultural country, known for its renowned carnival, steelpan, and calypso music.  Judaline started her career in the field of Plumbing at the John Donaldson Technical of Trinidad. She was one of the first three females selected to pursue Plumbing at the Technical Institute. Which is now known as the University of Trinidad and Tobago. 


Prior to her acceptance into the Union's'five-year apprenticeship program, She worked as a Nanny and Housekeeper.  She's been a proud member of Plumbers Local Union No One New York City, for the past twenty years. Being a qualified Plumber has drastically changed her life, and also the lifestyle of her family. Financially, it has afforded her and her family upward mobility in society.  


Judaline was of the very first women accepted into the Plumbers Local Union 371 Staten Island New York, and the first woman elected on the Examining Board of Plumbers Local Union No One. She cares deeply for her fellow sisters in the trades and serves as a mentor and big sister to anyone that needs her stewardship.


Getting young girls excited about working tools fuels her passion and hopes for the future of the Design and Skilled Trades. Social and political causes that affect the poor, disenfranchised and women are her passion.

Judaline was one of the featured speakers at the 2017 Makers Conference.  As a woman working in a traditionally male-dominated field has not always been problem free. As difficulties, challenges, and barriers often emerge she faces them with grit, moxie, and warrior spirit.


 Judaline is extremely passionate about her craft and works assiduously to promote a positive representation of women in Construction. So that the many obstacles, and resistance that she encountered can be eliminated for present and future tradeswomen. 

Tia Oros Peters


Tia Oros Peters (Shiwi), MFA, is a social justice organizer, Water Protector, and advocate for the Rights of Mother Earth. She serves as Executive Director of the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, 40-year-old philanthropy that supports community generated strategies for Native Peoples’ cultural revitalization, movement building, and self-determination, with an emphasis on women’s leadership. 


Ms. Oros Peters has served on the board of directors of Native Americans in Philanthropy, Resist Fund, and is honored to recently join Tools and Tiaras. She has extensive expertise in the international diplomacy arena including on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples human rights instrument. Ms. Oros Peters is the convener and one of the founding mothers of the Global Indigenous Women’s Caucus, an international advocacy and diplomacy platform, and also of the World Indigenous Women's Alliance. Ms. Oros Peters is a member of the Women’s Building Advisory Circle which is re-imagining and designing a former women’s prison into a place of hope and empowerment. She is a mother, grandmother, cultural artist, and a gardener focusing on growing Native foods.


Elahkwa – Thank you

Pamela Shifman



Pamela is the Executive Director of the NoVo Foundation and a lifelong advocate for girls and women.

An organizer thought leader, and change maker, Pamela brings an inclusive and highly collaborative leadership approach to the foundation’s work, guided by a deep commitment to ensuring that philanthropy centers the most marginalized people in the pursuit of justice and meaningful change.

Since joining the foundation in 2008, and as Executive Director since 2014, Pamela has advanced NoVo’s efforts to end violence and discrimination against girls and women, and has developed a sharp racial and gender justice lens for the foundation’s work, culminating in such efforts as Move to End Violence, a 10-year initiative to strengthen the movement to end violence against girls and women in the US, and a historic $90 million commitment to support girls or color.

Pamela regularly seeks out creative and unconventional ways for philanthropy to contribute to lasting change. Since 2015, she has led a highly collaborative process to guide a historic commitment from NoVo—in partnership with the Lela Goren Group—to transform New York’s Bayview Correctional Facility, a former women’s prison, into a global hub for girls and women’s rights. By centering the voices of formerly-incarcerated women and other girls’ and women’s activists, The Women’s Building is already demonstrating what is possible when the potential of girls and women is nurtured rather than locked away.

Pamela’s vision is drawn from her nearly three decades as an activist and educator. From 2008-2014, she shaped NoVo’s strategy as Director of Initiatives for Girls and Women. She came to Novo from UNICEF headquarters, where she led the organization’s efforts to end gender-based violence in conflict-affected settings.

Prior to joining the UN, Pamela served as the Co-Executive Director of Equality Now, and as a legal advisor for the ANC Parliamentary Women’s Caucus in South Africa, where she supported the development of South Africa’s first post-apartheid legislation addressing domestic violence.

Pamela is the recipient of the 2011 Lucretia Mott Award from Women’s Way and has been named one of the 21 Leaders of the 21st Century by Women’s e-News. Her reflections on girls’ and women’s rights, grassroots activism and social change have been featured in The New York Times, CNN, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Chronicle of Philanthropy, and many other outlets.

Pamela has taught Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan and at Hunter College, and she holds a B.A. from the University of Michigan and a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.

“Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” —Fannie Lou Hamer

Anisah Sabur

Project Associate for the Correctional Association’s (CA) Women in Prison Project.


Anisah Sabur is the Project Associate for the Correctional Association’s (CA) Women in Prison Project, a position she has held since 2014. As Project Associate, Anisah engages in prison monitoring and policy advocacy works on legislative campaigns, coordinates the Coalition for Women Prisoners, and conducts community outreach and public education activities. 


Prior to joining the CA, Anisah worked at the Center for Court Innovation’s Harlem Community Justice Center as a Case Manager.  She also worked with their Parole Reentry Court Project as a Family Engagement Coordinator. 


Anisah is a long-standing member of the Coalition for Women Prisoners and a former co-chair of the Coalition’s Re-Entry and Conditions of Confinement Committee. She has an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts from LaGuardia Community College and plans to continue her education in public policy.

Anisah has received several awards from her community for advocating for a fair, just, and humane criminal legal system.  Anisah uses her directly impacted story to gain support for those still incarcerated and those who are returning to their communities.


Anisah is a proud member and chapter leader of the National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls which is a national movement to lift up the voices of incarcerated and formerly women and girls into the conversations being held about criminal justice reform.


Anisah currently sits on the Novo Foundation Women’s Building Advisory Circle.  Using her lived experience to assist in the transformation of a women’s’ prison to The Women Building.


Anisah future endeavor is, run for City Council member in the Bronx community where she lives.

Debra Inwald

Founder and Principal of Works-in-Progress Associates.


Works-in-Progress Associates, a WBE firm, was founded in 1994 by Debra Inwald, AIA, LEED AP, firm Principal.  During her 30 years of architectural and project management experience in the private and public sectors, Ms. Inwald saw a need to provide comprehensive Owner’s Representative/ Project Management Services for nonprofit entities.  WPA works closely with clients in a comprehensive team and strives to build consensus among all stakeholders to create a solid structure for effective decision making and project execution.  Our services include strategic planning, community outreach, agency liaison, project team assembly, contract negotiation, and administration, procurement, design evaluation, design and technical review, construction supervision, project phasing, inspections, project close-out and quality assurance/quality control. WPA has been instrumental in bringing over 400 foundations educational, healthcare, social service, and cultural projects to completion in the last 23 years with a dedicated staff of 50. Ms. Inwald is a licensed architect and worked in major architectural firms.


Debra Inwald is the founder and principal of Works-in-Progress Associates, a firm that offers comprehensive construction management and owner’s representative and technical assistance services on institutional and governmental capital projects. For over 17 years, and 170 projects, her company has provided excellent project management, within budget and on schedule, to the satisfaction of the client and benefit of the community served. Debra has 34 years of combined construction expertise and is a trained architect and has designed a wide range of buildings including residential, educational facilities and office buildings. Long-standing clients where WPA has completed multiple projects include DASNY, NYC EDC, NYC SCA, Weill Cornell Medical Center, and Columbia University. The majority of the firm’s project portfolio has been involved in fully operational facilities open to the general public which have been phased to accommodate continued occupancy during construction.


Debra Inwald has had involvement in, and management oversight of the projects that the firm has undertaken. She is responsible for appointing personnel to fulfill project requirements and coordinates staffing and oversight of the project team and reviews project progress, as well as establishing policies, allocating and managing resources to ensure successful and efficient project completion. She has considerable expertise in involving stakeholders and building consensus to help projects move forward towards the desired goal.

Leah Rambo

Local 28 Training Director


Leah Rambo is the Director of Training for SMART Local 28 and has been serving in this capacity since 2011. Ms. Rambo’s primary responsibility is the training and coordination of Local 28’s five hundred and twenty-one apprentices, and two thousand three hundred Journey and Light commercial workers.

Ms. Rambo began her career as a sheet metal worker in 1988 and after working 10 years in the field, she was appointed as a full-time instructor, becoming the first woman to hold this position.

Through the joint efforts and stewardship of Leah and Local 28, the participation of females joining Sheet Metal Local 28 has increased from three percent in 2017 to sixteen percent in 2017.

Ms. Rambo teaches instructor development classes for the International Training Institute (ITI).

Leah currently serves on the New York City Department of Education’s Career and Technical Education Advisory Council and Gender Equity Committee. She is also a member of the NYC Coalition for Women in Construction.

Ms. Rambo has a BA in Labor Education and several trade certifications.

Deepa Sethi

People Connector / Food Scientist

Deepa Sethi was born in Kuwait. She is of Indian descent and has visited India several times. She has a very multicultural background. At seventeen years old she left her family to pursue her education in the USA. She was enrolled to study electrical engineering and soon learned that was not the field of her interest. 

Deepa joined nutrition program at Western Michigan University and started working for Kellogg’s. It was then that she realized she had to take charge and make her own destiny and not accept society norms. While pursuing her masters in Texas, she took an internship at a manufacturing facility. After graduating she started working in the food industry as a food scientist. Her work has moved her around the globe. She has never said “no” to any opportunity. Her overseas traveling has given her vision of social norms and different cultures. She was given an opportunity to move from the technical area to sales and now she is a Sr. Sales Manager at one of the largest global food company’s. 


There are very few Indian women in sales and she enjoys being the different one in the room. She believes every path she crosses she is opening a door for a future leader. Deepa got her strength when her nieces were born seventeen years ago. Knowing she didn’t want to settle for anything less as she knew one day her nieces would look to her for inspiration. Even today, when she does something that is challenging she wears her Tiara which makes her feel like a princess. She lean’s in so she can be a role model for young girls to dream bigger and bolder. Deepa is very passionate about spending time with young girls so she can help them attain their dreams. She believes every girl has powers and just needs someone to show them their cape and she's looking forward to working with the team and the girls. 


Antonia Devine

AIA LEED AP Director,of Design and Development JDS Development.


Antonia Devine, AIA LEED AP,  is a Project Manager at JDS Development Group, the real estate development, construction, and acquisition firm in New York City and Miami.

Devine oversees projects throughout the planning, design, coordination and construction phases. Prior to joining JDS, Devine was an Architect at Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, the global architectural design firm. She has worked in their New York, London, and Hong Kong offices. Devine graduated from Princeton University in 2008 with a degree in Art & Archaeology. She earned her Master of Architecture, First Professional Degree (M. Arch I) from the Yale University School of Architecture in 2013.  For the past three years, she has also been an instructor there, lecturing on Planning & Development. She is a licensed Architect in the state of Connecticut. 

Mary Dove


Mary founded Lean In NYC in 2012 following the publishing of Sheryl Sandberg's book “Lean In”. The group now has over 4600 members and has organized 28 events in the past four years.  Mary recently started Change Makers, a portrait project with Jena Cumbo and Camile Sardina. The purpose of 'Change Makers' is to spotlight the women leaders of today whose work is devoted to change. From revolutionizing the way we vote, to chipping down male-dominated fields, to opening platforms for women creatives to thrive; the stories of these women stand on the peaks of extraordinary. And in learning and understanding more stories like theirs, we remember...sometimes the boldest stories go untold. Our 'Change Makers' project hopes to change that.

When Mary is not managing this community of future women leaders, she works as a licensed psychotherapist. Mary has a private practice in Chelsea and provides counseling for students at the Juilliard School. She feels the creativity that each person holds is one of their greatest treasures, and cultivating it is one of their greatest adventures

Stacy Caputo

Senior Manager, Construction & Real Estate, Waterworks


Stacy Caputo is the Senior Construction Manager for Waterworks, one of the country's leading suppliers of bath and kitchen fittings, fixtures, and surfaces, since joining the company in 2011.  As the company’s Construction Manager, she and her team oversee the building of the company’s showrooms, both domestically and internationally.  With over 15 years’ experience working in construction-related positions, Stacy has extensive experience working alongside people in all the relevant building trades, from electricians and plumbers to carpenters and tile installers.

Prior to joining Waterworks, Stacy was the Business Manager for the construction division of Aeropostale, while simultaneously completing her Bachelor of Science degree at New York University.  As an advocate for equality and diversity in the workplace, Stacy is passionate about mentoring and inspiring our future tradeswomen to pursue a nonconventional career in the trades and/or construction.  

With her years working onsite in the in the retail construction sector, Stacy has seen the shift occurring in construction and the need to have more women working in the field.  “While we’re seeing a shift in how people shop and live, we in the construction field are seeing a shortage of experienced tradespeople to build these new environments.  Women are an untapped resource that can really add value to the field.  Having done a lot of hands-on work on my own projects and I a firm believer that there’s no job out there in the field that a man can do that a woman can’t do.”

As a new member of the Tools and Tiaras family, Stacy hopes to raise awareness of the shortage of women working in the trades and construction and wants to be a driving force in helping to change that.  

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been” – George Eliot

Owner of Great Bear Auto shop / Founder CEO Women Auto Known.


Audra Fordin is the founder and CEO of Women Auto Know (WAK), a membership-driven company, with a primary focus on women, which provides automotive education and resources to empower people of all ages to be safe, confident and knowledgeable drivers, passengers and automotive consumers. 


Audra has made it her mission to take the fear out of auto repair. A certified mechanic, fourth-generation auto shop owner and a pioneer in the automotive industry, she founded Women Auto Know in 2009 to do just that. 


Since she was five years old, Audra has been fascinated by cars. Her great-grandfather founded Great Bear Auto Repair and Body Shop in 1933 and Audra started out working alongside her father in the family garage. She soon realized that she was different from most other girls. Instead of playing with dolls, Audra was playing with car batteries and oil filters. Her next step was to become a certified auto mechanic.

She has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, ABC News, New York Daily News, Despierta America, NY1, Huffington Post and many others. She has formed partnerships with leaders in the industry, government, and education and serves on many advisory committees and expert panels.

Today, Audra is rolling out her WAK Attack globally. She’s launched and a WAK mobile app, to provide tools for drivers to rank and review shops, watch tutorial videos, locate workshops, and a full menu of resources that engage, educate and empower women to be auto aware. 


She’s also determined to break gender barriers within the automotive industry itself. “The auto repair culture is in many ways still stuck in the 1960s and is in need of a complete overhaul,” Audra says.  “The reason women are not in auto repair has to do with upbringing, not ability.” She’s working to change that. There is also a lingering reputation of dishonesty in the auto repair industry, which Audra is working to heal. “No one wants to go into a profession with the stereotype that he or she is a thief. The industry can turn that around by investing in programs like Women Auto Know.”


Audra lives in Roslyn, New York with her husband Ed, whom she met at the shop, and their three children Sammy, Olivia, and Andrew. She is a PTA class mom, Girl Scout troop leader and enjoys gardening with her kids, saltwater fishing, cooking, and sewing. 

She speaks with passion, compassion, fairness and the ultimate goal of bringing a woman's perspective to the game of automotive repair.

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