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Anisah Sabur

My Why is knowing that this organization was founded and uniquely designed by a woman of color who wants to share her knowledge and skills in the trades with girls and young women. What piqued my interest and inspired me to invest my time and energy was knowing that girls would be empowered to make choices of how their future would turn out after engaging in learning about the different trades such as plumbing, electrical, masonry, sheet metal, and so much more.  Giving my time to support and fundraise to continue to empower girls and young women is what I live for.

Cassidy Wald

My "why": I knew from my very first interaction with Tools & Tiaras that it was a place where young women came to feel empowered and grow confidence in themselves. I hope for every young woman to be able to find a space where she can become exactly who she aspires to be, whether that be with Tools & Tiaras or elsewhere.

Tia Oros Peters jpeg

The reason I want to support Tools and Tiaras is because of its founder, Judaline Cassidy and believing in her vision to equip Black, Indigenous, and Girls of color with knowledge and hands on skills for empowerment. Her commitment is unmatchable and along with the other board members, the organization ignites us all into action for positive change.


Elahkwa – Thank you,

Pamela Shifman.jpg

I am on the Board of Tools and Tiaras because I believe deeply that" jobs don’t have genders" and that girls and women should be able to access any career they desire!  I have been lucky enough to get to know many women who work in the trades and can see first hand how satisfying this career is.  And, at the same time, because the field is so male dominated, women face discrimination and other hardships in the field.  I love that Tools and Tiaras is supporting the next generation of tradeswomen and transforming the industry to be more inclusive and accessible to all. Judaline is my Shero!

Judaline Cassidy jpg

My why for Tools & Tiaras Inc has always been the girls and it will always be the girls. 

I believe that it’s our duty to teach, inspire and support the next generation of girls about the amazing things that they are truly capable of if they just believe and do. And that will always be my why.

Deepa Sethi.jpg

Being born and brought up in Kuwait, Indian descent lived in 4 continents and served many. I have had to roll up my sleeves quite often to power up to fit in but soon fitting in was not working with my core. I met mentors who let me embrace my authentic self so that I would lead from it vs. follow. When I met Judaline in 2018, we connected on passion to build the confidence in girls/women where they could rely on their true being for confidence vs. following someone. When I connect with girls or spend my time with the board in discussing the needs, my true being wishes the girls can be their own power engine in whatever field they choose. The program teaches them to be fearless and think limitless because sky is the limit for every being.

Debra Inwald.jpg

There’s nothing like seeing the future and limitless possibility in a young girl’s face, especially when they do something that they thought was beyond their reach or they were afraid of. The pride they experience in accomplishing a new skill, learning how the built environment works. Tools & Tiaras unleashes that joy of creation only found when hand and mind work in concert. Gaining an understanding of how the world of construction and design works and seeing how results are the foundation of civilization.

I’m here for the spirit of the girls. Anytime you take on something you know nothing about you expand your world and your horizon and it’s wonderful to watch the girls do that through the program. It is so impactful and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Leah Rambo.jpg

I am a Board member of Tools & Tiaras because I believe that young girls and women need to know about and experience the career opportunities available to them in the Building  Trades. Many women end up in low paying jobs. These jobs do not allow them to have economic stability. Tools & Tiaras gives women and girls a safe, nonjudgmental environment to explore these career opportunities. Since women are their teachers, it sends a clear message that women are capable of doing very well in these industries. I especially enjoy seeing the sense of confidence and satisfaction that goes along with creating something with your hands. I’ve been a Sheet Metal tradeswomen for 33 years and Tools and Tiaras gives me the opportunity to pass along the trade I love to others.

Janice Haughton_.jpg

About 5 years ago, I met a dynamic woman, Judaline Cassidy, leading a group of adorable young girls in hard hats, with enough energy and charisma to stop our construction team in their tracks! They were a force too reckoned with!!  I’d never seen such a diverse, energetic, beautiful group of girls and young women excited to learn about our industry. I was so impressed with Tools & Tiaras mission to expose girls and women to the building trades and very inspired by the program structure, education methods, session leaders, summer camps and the hands-on workshops.

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