Judaline Cassidy was born in the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. A multicultural country, known for its renowned carnival, steelpan, and calypso music.  Judaline started her career in the field of Plumbing at the John Donaldson Technical of Trinidad. She was one of the first three females selected to pursue Plumbing at the Technical Institute. Which is now known as the University of Trinidad and Tobago. 


Prior to her acceptance into the Union's'five-year apprenticeship program, She worked as a Nanny and Housekeeper.  She's been a proud member of Plumbers Local Union No One New York City, for the past twenty years. Being a qualified Plumber has drastically changed her life, and also the lifestyle of her family. Financially, it has afforded her and her family upward mobility in society.  


Judaline was of the very first women accepted into the Plumbers Local Union 371 Staten Island New York, and the first woman elected on the Examining Board of Plumbers Local Union No One. She cares deeply for her fellow sisters in the trades and serves as a mentor and big sister to anyone that needs her stewardship.


Getting young girls excited about working tools fuels her passion and hopes for the future of the Design and Skilled Trades. Social and political causes that affect the poor, disenfranchised and women are her passion.

Judaline was one of the featured speakers at the 2017 Makers Conference.  As a woman working in a traditionally male-dominated field has not always been problem free. As difficulties, challenges, and barriers often emerge she faces them with grit, moxie, and a warrior spirit.


 Judaline is extremely passionate about her craft and works assiduously to promote a positive representation of women in Construction. So that the many obstacles, and resistance that she encountered can be eliminated for present and future tradeswomen. 


Andrea Harris has been a cement mason for over 21 years. She likes to say that she didn't choose the trade it chose her. Both of her parents are tradespeople so it was inevitable that she would follow their lead and become a Tradeswoman.

Her career as a Mason began in 1997 through the Masons Local 780 apprenticeship program. Working on bridges, tunnels, high rises and the rebuild of the World Trade Center Path tunnels allow her to do her part building the city she calls home. 

One of her favorite saying “I’ve walked from New York to New Jersey underground.”

Upon donating a kidney to her mom in 2005 she made the decision to leave high-rise construction for the public sector, where she was employed as a cement mason at the dept of homeless services. Leaving the DHS she became the city's first female cement mason at FDNY. This opportunity at the FDNY gives her the chance to prove that women are helping build New York every day.  With a smile, she is always willing to help others get a job.

The motto that she lives by is one of her favorite quotes   “always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of someone else”.

When she's not finishing concrete and championing Tools & Tiaras, her passion as an avid swim mom is evident. As the Social Media Manager for her sons swims team she spotlights the amazing achievements of the kids on the team.



Megan Moskop has been a teacher in New York City schools for over nine years. She currently works as an adjunct lecturer at Hunter College and is a student of Urban Education and Policy in the MALS (Masters in Liberal Studies) program at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Megan was raised in North Carolina, and she’s been a fierce, peace-loving feminist for as long as she can remember.  She attended Duke University with a Leadership and Service Scholarship and became an educator to help young people gain the skills they need to envision and build a more just world.   

To support her teacher-organizing work with MORE-UFT, the social justice caucus of the NYC teachers union, she joined the Women’s Organizing Network, where she met Judaline and was inspired by her vision for a stronger society, built by current and future tradeswomen.

Megan loves helping kids discover their potential, teaching gives her the ability to inspire and be inspired. She is delighted for the opportunity to contribute to building a sisterhood in which more girls and women, including herself, get to learn these skills from other amazing women.



Monique has over 15 years of experience in education and non-profit work. She currently works as an independent contractor doing program facilitation, operations, and project management work for organizations such as Epiphany Blue, Prep for Prep, SuitUp, NYC Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality, and The Brock Method. She served as the Founding Manager of Operations at Brave Enterprises, and she was the founding Director of Programs for Mott Hall Bridges Academy where she developed and executed innovative programming and events. She also led facilitation and delivered training to more than 300 educators for New York City’s largest youth philanthropy program, Penny Harvest, while working at Common Cents. 


Since the beginning of her career, she has been doing purpose-driven work striving to make an impact on people and their communities in a meaningful way. Monique holds a Master’s degree in communications from Boston University and a Bachelor’s degree in electronic media from Southern Methodist University. She has a great love for theater and the performing arts, which led to her coaching her national qualifying middle school step team, RoyalVision.


Genevieve Appolon received her B.A. in Psychology and was named in the Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities for her participation in the Women’s club, Dir. of the Senior Activities Committee and President's club. She then began her career in the largest health workers union, SEIU 1199,  via the nonprofit health insurance benefits administrator, the National Benefit Fund.

Genevieve directly impacts her over 3,000 members by providing monthly benefit seminars, hospital visits, quarterly workshops, and yearly health fair. 

Genevieve Appolon aspired to become an electrical engineer but her dreams were halted as the stereotype that engineering was a man’s field made her reconsider her decision and she ultimately obtained a degree in Psychology. Life came full circle when she volunteered during the Tools & Tiaras camp graduation in the summer of 2018. Having a daughter herself, this ignited a fire in Genevieve and she believes It's imperative that young girls and young women embrace the power that lies within them, knowing that they can excel in anything they aspire to be because that's our superpower. 


Lori Campos Bergeron is a substitute teacher, Girl Scout leader and the mother of five living in Northern New Jersey. She believes in the power of Tools & Tiaras after witnessing the confidence her own daughter gained after attending the pilot camp. Lori earned a Bachelors Degree in journalism and a Masters' Degree in communications from Eastern Illinois University. worked in advertising, marketing and communications in both the U.S. and abroad, working two in Vienna, Austria.


In 2018 Yolanda Bathea joined the Sheet Metal Workers (SMART) Local 28 Union. 

Yolanda’s previous role before joining the Sheet Metal Union, she served as a Human Resources Specialist/Manager for a private prison in Queens and two halfway houses in Brooklyn and Bronx. She held this position title for ten and half years.


She attended Pratt Institute studying Construction Management; due to changes in her life she decided to switch her major and enrolled in St. Joseph College where she obtained a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Organizational Management.

She’s a mother of 2. She grew up in Queens and has a love for music, yoga and traveling.

When she is not at a construction site she’s working on her Event planning/Party planner skills.


She truly believes we all are blessed with a gift; we just have to believe in it. She learned what gets her through any challenging situation is self-love and faith.  She receives her satisfaction from seeing all of her hard work come together whether it is helping an employee, constructing a HVAC system and/or planning an event. 

Recently, she has added on a new chapter to her life by joining the team at Tools & Tiaras. She is extremely excited for this new adventure.


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