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Izzy Bergeron is a 7th-grade honors student from New Jersey. She is on her school’s cross country, basketball, and softball teams and enjoys all things STEM-related. She is a Girl Scout and avid reader. She would like to be an architect or engineer when she grows up.


Samantha Chtcherbinin-Reynoso thirteen 7th grade Girl Scout at NEST+M, who also partakes in rowing four days a week. So far, she has done welding and a one-week camp with Tools & Tiaras, some coding summer camps, scrapbooking, the Girl Scouts of Greater New York Leadership Institute, and a metal working class. Currently is active in a rowing team.

She is a percussionist who enjoys playing loud, fast marches like “Excitation March” and “US Field Artillery March”. She has experienced a Mud Festival, gone on a banana boat, has ridden a camel, gone zip lining, done basic parkour, as well as indoor skydiving and has driven a real go-kart, one that went forty miles an hour at its top speed. She has babysitting experience with children from two to ten years old. She enjoys drawing, swimming, rowing, reading and gaming, also she enjoys most outdoor activities. 

Tanzira Rashid is currently a junior in High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture and is majoring in construction trades. The construction industry was something she never knew about up until high school and let alone didn’t expect it to soon become her passion. Coming from her family of first-generation Bengali immigrants she was never exposed to the building industry and was pressured to fit into stereotypes of becoming a doctor or lawyer to achieve a better life.

However, when she received her first internship with a multi-million dollar private company she knew that construction was what she wanted to do in the future. She is interested in the technical field of building infrastructure and because of this, she will be majoring in college as a civil engineer with a specialization in structural. Yet she is still young she has faced many obstacles especially usually always being the only women of color at the companies she has worked with. This is where Tools & Tiaras changed her life.

She was able to meet such amazing women that are tradeswomen, engineers, and architects. Tools & Tiaras has shaped her into the strong women she is today. Being able to create an amazing sisterhood and allowing her to inspire future generations.


Penelope Amaya is a 7th-grade student from Queens. She participates in her school’s STEM club, track/cross country team and is a member of the stage crew for the annual drama performance.  She is a long time Girl Scout and loves her troop.  In addition, she has been attending art school since the age of seven where she is learning how to draw and paint in the classical style.  She enjoys drawing, photography, writing, and STEM activities.  Penelope is a big sister who enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences with her sister and brother.  She has enjoyed Tools & Tiara workshops this year – especially welding - and she looks forward to construction camp this summer.


Autumn Domingo is a fourteen-year-old from Staten Island, NY. She attended the 2018 Tools & Tiaras Summer Camp and absolutely loved the experience. Through the various hands-on activities, she discovered an interest in carpentry, interior design, and architecture. Even though she is unsure of what career choice she wants to pursue, she believes the skills she learned at camp will serve her well in whatever field of work she chooses. 


Before attending camp, Autumn knew little about the trades and how many women were breaking down barriers in male-dominated professions. Once she was able to get a peek into this new world, she understood that females had to work twice as hard to prove that they could do so much more than just cook, clean and take care of children. These women had to have a lot of courage, effort, and passion to overcome these challenges. They inspired her to take action in helping to empower and encourage young girls to go after what they want. 


She is very thankful for the opportunity to serve on this youth advisory board and is excited to contribute to this wonderful organization.

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