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Girls working with tools


At Tools & Tiaras Inc., we empower girls (ages 6-14) to embrace that Jobs Don’t Have Genders™. Through hands-on workshops and summer camps centered on skilled trades, our Expose. Inspire. Mentor. programming shatters stereotypes and redefines "women's work." We equip girls with the skills and confidence to see limitless possibilities and shape the world they envision.


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Is it, or would it be a radical notion that when you require the services of an electrician, carpenter, plumber or even an auto mechanic that it would be a woman? Our vision is to make these occupations, and others like it, accessible and approachable for girls.

In an ever-evolving world, where technology is changing the way we perceive almost everything. Learning a skilled trade is intercontinental, once acquired you can seek employment anywhere. We need to get more girls and women into the construction industry.

At Tools & Tiara's, we are passionate about creating an avenue where young girls can showcase their talents and succeed non-traditional roles, our belief is that the future of the construction industry depends on the ability to get all capable hands on deck and harness the talents of young girls and women especially in this field. Working hand in hand with education providers, research institutes and businesses, we hope we can encourage more young girls to jump on this wagon. 

We hope to provide access to women who have done it before, making available learning programs and practical tools thus creating a network of women who share the same passion and goal. We know we stand a better chance at succeeding when we are united in the pursuit of a common goal.


What We Do

T&T is an open network filled with young girls and women of various backgrounds, ages, experiences, and qualification building a career in the construction industry is our common goal. Together we can forge a new biography for women and girls in Mechanical, Industrial, Technical, Trades ( MITT ).

Tools & Tiaras wants girls to know that the world is hers for the taking. She can imagine, design and build it however she deems necessary.




We Can Only Be It If We See It.


Tools & Tiara's aspirations, simple, 


  • Expose young girls and women to the design and skilled trades available in the construction industry.

  • Exposing girls to hands-on projects in carpentry, electrical, plumbing and automotive at our summer camps, conferences, and careers workshops.

  • We start early, beginning at the elementary, middle and high school levels. 

You would be amazed at the level of ingenuity these young girls possess when a tool is placed in their hands. Just wait, you'll see!!




Bottled Inspiration Unleashed.


  • We provide all types of support needed to incite their creative potential that is sometimes hibernating with practical applications that they can use to unleash the hidden warrior spirits within.

When inspired, girls will unquestionably leave their footprints in the sands of time. ”We must always attempt to lift as we climb” Angela Davis.

This is how we will make an impact by teaching others.



Everyone Needs + Should Have a Mentor.


Mentors are capable of pushing us beyond what we thought was possible in our realm of possibilities. Sometimes a girl needs a " Shero."

  • Our selected group of mentors at Tools & Tiaras will guide our girls along the paths they choose.

  • We provide mentors that will help with both career and personal development

  • Everyone needs a role model; we aim to motivate this generation and coming ones to pursue a career in the construction industry. 

Demonstrating to the world that, when girls and women work in unison our flames can turn into a wild spreading fire.

At the end of the day, “ Girls just want to build." That's what we will do!

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