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We Offer Workshops

We provide monthly workshops for girls who have their schools and other activities on the weekdays. Our workshops take place on Saturdays so that maximum number of girls can have to access this opportunity and learn something they might have never experienced before. 

Each of the workshops is led by a woman who has a vast experience, strong skills, and techniques in their perspective field. They are all knowledgeable, talent tradeswomen who have the vision to see girls work in different fields of construction. 

In addition to this, participants learn the history and importance of the trades, and the roles they play in shaping our societies.



Summer Program 2024


In-person July 15-19 NYC Jamaica New York In- person August 5-9 Brooklyn Industry City



Acceptance notification sent by email.


Breakfast, lunch, snacks, t-shirts and all workshop material provided 



$100.00 Registration + $450.00 

 Per Participant



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