Who says that the tools are not for girls?



We want women and girls to come forward and shatter the stereotypes against them and show the world what they are truly capable of doing. Tools & Tiaras, wholeheartedly believe that girls can do every and anything and we aim to help girls learn trade skills by exposing, inspiring, and mentoring them to excel in these areas. We want to empower girls to be trailblazers.


Scientists, Sheet Metal Worker, Engineers, Masons, Ironworkers, and Welders.

People must accept the fact that jobs don't have genders. For all those girls who have a keen interest in any of areas of construction, we can help them learn the techniques and skills required. This experience will help them excel in these fields and other areas of their lives. The moxie and grit gained from working with tools will serve them for a lifetime in any career path. We combine learning with fun and skilled activities in plumbing, carpentry, electrical, and so much more. Girls will also learn the amazing history and importance of the trades, and the role they play in shaping the societies we inhabit. 


If you observe that your daughter or sister has an interest in construction and building, Tools & Tiaras Inc. can help her have an upper hand in these fields. Our techniques and skills are fun to learn and will help her decide whether she wants to pursue a career in the construction industry or not. Selfishly we want her to choose the trades. We offer these programs to young girls, so they have an option at the other four-year degree, "apprenticeship." She has time to explore her life options and reach a decision. Let her have fun while navigating her path. Are you with us?


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    See It! Be It!

Showing girls by example that

"Jobs don't have genders."

one trade at a time.

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Our latest episode of


With excitement, let us introduce to you


Here is a quote that will stand out when you hear her story “

Preparation + Opportunity = Success.

She just didn’t walk through the door of opportunity she made sure the door was left open for others to be able to see, create and become.


Her road of opportunities commenced with graduating from high school, enlisting into the U.S. Army and continued with joining the Laborers International Union of North America (Local 79) where she excelled. She enjoyed numerous positions: Shop Steward, Business Agent, Apprentice Co-coordinator and current position Apprentice Field Coordinator.



Her success continues to make a difference in other people lives.

She is an example of breaking your own limits and outgrowing yourself to live in your passion.

She's most definitely changing  the world by just being herself.


Tools & Tiaras is holding a virtual

Leadership Workshop 


for girls from

 Ages 13-17. 

JANUARY 23 11:00 AM-12:00 PM EST

Let  girls lead and

watch them run the world.

2020 Virtual Summer Camp

Virtual Summer Camp

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“ Thank you for having this camp. It was fun and a good way to introduce girls to the trades.

I hope you have this camp for many more girls.

Thank you for everything."

Izzy Bergstrom.

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