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Who says that the tools are not for girls?

We want women and girls to come forward and shatter stereotypes. We can show the world what we are truly capable of achieving. Tools & Tiaras, wholeheartedly believe that girls can do every and anything and we aim to help girls learn trade skills by exposing, inspiring, and mentoring them to excel in these areas. We want to empower girls to be trailblazers.


Empower Her Future with Trades.

Jobs don't have genders!" For girls interested in construction, we provide hands-on training in plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, and more. This experience will help them excel in these fields and beyond, instilling moxie and grit that will serve them in any career path.


Our programs, designed for girls ages 6-14, combine learning with fun. They explore the rich history and importance of trades, preparing them to decide if a career in STEAM is right for them. 


Let's give her the upper hand in life and the trades. Join us in shaping her future. Are you with us?


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T&T Bricklayers Workshop_3844.jpg

I used screws, a wrench and a drill.

I learned

could do more things instead of just being on

the internet.

I learned that girls can do

anything, no matter what anyone tells them. I also learned that even though people have

differences they can accomplish anything."


Myah Dehaney

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